I was fortunate enough in January to visit one of my friends in Gothenburg, Sweden. Whilst there she took me to a really beautiful knitting shop called Strikk. If anyone is ever in Gothenburg I highly recommend visiting this shop. It was a good size shop with lots of yarns to choose from. What I enjoyed was seeing a different selection of yarn to what they have in England. They do have some of the recognised yarns like Rowan and Debbie Bliss too. I took full advantage of purchasing some yarn that I'd never used before and I'm looking forward to seeing what I design and make using it.

I also loved the waterproof fabric bag they put my purchases in. That was a very nice touch :-)

Hopefully I'll be uploading some further patterns soon with the yarn.

Here is a link to their online website for anyone that is interested. www.strikk.se

They have some really nice patterns to knit as well although the instructions only come in Swedish I'm afraid :-( The staff are English speaking so if you had a query on any of their products you can phone them as they're only one hour ahead of us in England.

Strikk Gothenburg

Strikk Gothenburg