It was recently my birthday and my wonderful boyfriend surprised me by jetting me off to New York for a couple of days.

We had great fun in the big apple shopping and eating. Unfortunately I only came across one yarn shop (within a fabric shop) in the city but they did sell some nice cotton yarn at a bargain price of $2 a ball.

I'm a big fan of Project Runway (and Catwalk in the UK) and I was lucky enough to find that they were filming that latest episode in Times Square:

They also had a big tv up which the general public were on and here is a picture of me and my boyfriend:

Lastly, I was able to visit the well renowned fabric shop 'Mood' which is used by the contestants in Project Runway. Below is a picture of me with some fabric I purchased:

It was a fantastic fabric shop over 3 floors and it was very easy to spend hours in this place. I managed to buy some upholstery fabric for a telephone chair which needs refurbishing. I'm looking forward to sharing the pictures of the chair once its finished.

For anyone thinking of going to New York, I would definitely recommend it. If you like vintage/record shops, its well worth a visit to Brooklyn. Its also cheaper there than Manhattan.

New York - New York!

New York - New York!

New York - New York!