Back in July I was very excited as my hometown, Brighton was holding its very own knitting event from Sat 12th to Sun 13th July.

The event was called Unwind and had everything from classes and talks to a Marketplace and evening event.

In past years I had been to knitting events such as Knitnation in London but this had since stopped so I always felt that another event would be greatly appreciated by many knitters.

Once I had discovered last year this event was on I couldn't wait to go onto their website and look into what workshops to sign up for. There was a great choice and it was really hard to make a decision plus I also still needed to find time to go to the Marketplace where the Vendor list was amazing and I knew I wouldn't be able to walk out without purchasing some goodies.

Unwind had clearly thought about the knitter and what type of workshops they would be interested in as they began to sell out.

I finally decided on attending two workshops which both fell on the Saturday, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

The first workshop I attended was Advanced Ziggurat Method with Asa Tricosa. I had seen and admired her designs on Ravelry and I loved the fact that her designs were nicely tailored yet this was achieved by knitting everything in one go with no seaming and very few ends to weave in.

This workshop didn't disappoint! Asa was a fantastic teacher and was able to clearly explain one of her patterns and how to knit it on a minature scale so we would have time to knit the majority of the garment and get a feel for how it works. We were also entitled to a free pattern which was great! The time wizzed by and I would have happily spent all day in this workshop.

The second workshop I attended was Icelandic Upside Down knitting with Ragga Eriksdottir.  Again, Ragga has some fantastic patterns on Ravelry and I was really interested to see her technique for knitting top down which she clearly explained and  I left the workshop with a great minature knitted top to learn the techniques on, using the traditional Icelandic Lopi Yarn.

Unwind had also clearly thought out the venues to hold the workshops and marketplace and it was great.  My first workshop was at the Jubilee Library in Brighton which is a nice modern building. My favourite place for a workshop was My Hotel which had amazing facilities, such as free drinks and sweets in the conference room we were in. Ragga was even able to play some background music which was really good.

I was interested to see who would attend the Unwind event and really hoped it would be a success for the organisers as I could see from attending that they had put a lot of hard work into organising this event. On the workshops I attended there were people from Brighton, London, Germany, Sweden, France and Italy! It was amazing to hear people's stories about how far they had travelled for this event!

On Saturday evening, Unwind in collaboration with Pom Pom Quarterly held an event called the Seaside Shindig. This also sold out so I was pleased I had purchased my ticket in advance as I would have been disppointed to have missed this. It was such good fun and I made some new friends. Pom Pom held a yarn quiz where many fantastic prizes could be won. We were also provided with a goodie bag of yarn samples from some of the Vendors who were exhbiting at the Marketplace which I thought was a really good idea because I could sit there and knit some samples in the yarns to see what I'd like to work with.

After the quiz, we were treated to a live band then a fantastic DJ set by John Arbon of I loved the fact that John played his set on original 45's (I am also a keen collector of these records) and he played some great RnB, Soul, Latin Soul and Funk which I think most people would have enjoyed listening to. 

I didn't book any workshops on Sunday which meant I was able to leisurely spend my day at the Marketplace at the Brighton Dome. Unwind were great in the fact that you had free weekend entry to the Marketplace if you had booked a workshop so I was really happy about that.

It was so hard to decide what to buy. There were so many nice yarns and accessories but after many chats with the different vendors (who were all lovely and friendly), I finally managed to make a decision and I'm really pleased with my purchases. I even purchased an Unwind canvas bag!

The whole weekend had a fantastic atmosphere and I left that weekend on a complete high. I really hope there will be an Unwind 2015!

And finally, a massive thank you to the organisers of this event, Dani, Renee, Emma & Kate, you did a top job!