I have always loved Harris Tweed Fabric as it is made from wool and is made in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Whenever I'm in Glasgow I always visit a fabric shop called Mandors on Renfrew Street. I find that I'm always drawn to the Harris Tweed fabric section, admiring the tweed combinations of colour and the feel of the fabric. I've always wanted to purchase some but never had the right sewing project in mind and as it comes at a hefty price tag per metre (which is completely justified in view of all the work that goes into making the woven fabric), I've never been able to justify just purchasing some and leaving it in my 'fabric stash pile'.

However, this was all about to change when I was leaving Glasgow in October and discovered this beautiful coat in the Glasgow Airport gift shop:

Harris Tweed

The name of the duffle coat is Annabel by Harris Tweed. As previously mentioned, Harris Tweed is expensive and this coat was no exception, retailing at £310. I couldn't justify spending this much on a coat especially as I require a winter coat that is fully zipped for my blustery walks along Brighton seafront. However, it did finally inspire me to the idea of sewing a coat out of Harris Tweed fabric which means I could customise the design element of the coat and apart from the man hours that would be spent making the coat, it would also cost me a third of what the Annabel coat cost.

As I don't reside in Scotland, Harris Tweed fabric isn't available in the local fabric shops to purchase. I therefore needed to look online. I came across this website called Handmaiden UK which has a fantastic selection of Harris Tweed fabrics for sale at a reasonable price. Here is a link to their website.


When I have some free time, I hope to finally purchase some Harris Tweed and make a decent winter coat. I'll make sure I update my blog if this happens.

In the meantime, here is a really interesting link to a video I found on youtube showing the making of the Harris Tweed fabric. I would think anyone who watched this would completely understand why Harris Tweed costs what it does.